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f you’re looking to buy your first home or have just signed on the dotted line, congratulations! Gone are your days of cramped rental-apartment living—you now have a place to make all your own. Since you just spent a large chunk of change securing your new abode, the thought of decorating it may be totally overwhelming. We totally get it.

Between selecting the best white paint for your living room to splurging on a new sofa that will fit your space, there’s a lot to consider before you even start packing up your boxes and loading them into the moving truck. If you’re starting from scratch or hoping to create a home that feels more grown-up than your previous rentals, let this guide be your go-to decorating resource.



Nothing will transform and personalize your space more than a fresh coat of paint—something you should do before moving any furniture or boxes in. Believe us: Painting an empty home is about a million times easier than worrying about moving furniture and covering everything in plastic. To help you pick the perfect hue, check out our roundup of the best warm-neutral paints, designer-approved grays, and top paint picks for your bedroom.


If you’re truly starting from scratch, picking a bed should top your list of furniture items to buy. 

Quick Tip

If you are new to buying large furniture, start with a classic piece that will stand the test of time rather than choosing a style that may feel outdated in a few years.


Home is a dream

Home is not a building made of bricks, its a sense of togetherness. It’s a place to love and to be loved.We welcome you to a Whitefield property owned by Mr.Rengaraj!

The foyer has dark and bright colors running around.One wall is kept simple. Whereas the other wall looks really grant with stone cladding. A cute Ganesha painting invites us to this sweet home. Shoe rack, rafter, and the false ceiling are in “L “shape. A bright chandelier makes sure that the entrance is bright enough.You can transform the place according to your mood using the light effects on the false ceiling.

One full wall in this living area is been converted into display cum Tv unit. Stone cladding and rafters define this wall.Brass highlighters compliment the Tv panel in a white glossy laminate. Brown colored reclines and curtains go well with the color theme. The false ceiling has different levels and cove lights highlight them. Pebbles are the natural element which adds color to this living area.

Living and dining area is planned in a shared space. Hence one wall is dedicated to Crockery unit, display, and Pooja.This is a great idea for the optimum use of space.The glass ledges between crockery and pooja have a tab placed for displaying his daughter’s pictures.The color of CNC cutting and Crockery laminates are carefully selected to maintain the theme.

The kitchen has purple and white colors. There is a wooden panel with spotlight and designer hanging lights at the entrance.This adds a classy touch to the breakfast counter. All cabinets inside the kitchen have a handleless design. G profiles are used and it has soft closure.The utility area in this kitchen is having enough storage space.

The center point of attraction in the kid’s bedroom is the wardrobe unit with laminates pasted in step shape.White and blue colors are selected as these are the kid’s favorite colors.A lot of storage space is added to display her barbies.white handle with a splash of colors is the pattern of the handles in this room.The butterflies above the headboard make the room colorful.A blue color theme runs on the false ceiling peripheries too.

Grey is the color of compromise.It’s the color between black and white.when we choose grey to decorate this master bedroom, we included 2 different shades of grey.That gives this room a warm color tone.


Source:-  https://bonito.in/2017/home-is-a-dream/

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